Looking for a quality gift for your relations?

Managing customer relations is a true art. Cherish your customer relations with the perfect gift. 

Xelboo is an art market that offers handmade, Dutch art gifts for your business or personal relations.


We are a proud ambassador of Dutch art history, represent Dutch Design and happily share our heritage with you by presenting you unique pieces of art that will represent how much you value your customer. And look great in their office or house. 

We guarantee our quality and sell our pieces of art with a certificate of authenticity.

Dutch art vase

Meet our most popular choices

Xelboo offers a wide range of typical Dutch artwork. Take a look at our most popular choices:

Royal Leerdam Crystal was founded in 1878 and became Royal in 1953. Royal Leerdam Crystal works with high quality and high grade resources, which give the Crystal its unique characteristics. Such as a special brightness, colorfastness like in gemstones and a high refractive index.

Discover our glass art >

Handmade wooden clogs

by LbethO Art

The wooden clogs by Liesbeth Oudshoorn of LbethO Art are a feast to the eye. Her designs are colourful, playful and unique and will certainly make an impression. 

Discover our clogs >

Royal Delft or de Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles, founded in 1653, is the only remainder of the porcelain factories from the 17th century. The production is still authentic and the famous Delft Blue pottery is still entirely hand-painted  according to ancient traditions.

Discover our Delft Blue >

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