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The perfect business gift of 2017

2016 was a most successful year for Xelboo with lessons learned and great achievements. We’re proudly presenting corporate shoes as an addition to our line-up. These corporate clogs are the perfect business gift for your relations as they are hand made and painted by a true Dutch artist. Find more information on how to order them by clicking the link. Also possible in large quantities taking into account a longer processing time.

Enjoy handmade Dutch art in 2017 for an affordable price!

Our handpicked collection of 2016

We proudly present our first collection of handmade Dutch art in the United States. Our artworks and artists come from Holland, live in Holland and work in Holland as well. Xelboo promises 2016 to be a year filled with wonderful creations like wooden shoes, Delft Blue, paintings and so on. Famous artists like Liesbeth Oudshoorn have made this year’s collection authentic and inspiring by turning wooden shoes into an art-board. Please stay tuned and regularly check Xelboo for updates on our authentic Dutch collection of handmade art.

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Authentic Dutch Handmade Art

Amsterdam canals- Xelboo Dutch art

Beautiful canals from Amsterdam are an art-form by itself. The rich Dutch history is filled with wonderful creations and structures such as windmills and Delft Blue pottery from the Golden Age. Artists throughout the history of Holland got inspired by beautiful skies and wonderful landscapes like for example Vincent van Gogh.

Xelboo is not just an art market for handmade Dutch art, but also a proud ambassador of Dutch art history. We want to share our heritage with you by presenting you affordable pieces of art that will look great in your house or office. We guarantee our quality and sell our pieces of art with a certificate of authenticity.

If you require more information on our artwork or pieces of Dutch art, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Amsterdam canals - Xelboo Dutch art

About Holland

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Square miles

Welcome to Holland! Also known as the Netherlands. We are a small country in western-Europe. We are proud neighbors of Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the UK just a few miles across the sea. What do you know about The Netherlands/Holland? We are a densely populated country with over 17 million inhabitants on a small piece of land. No wonder we ride our bikes everywhere. Did you know that Holland has more bikes than inhabitants! Find out more about what Holland and it’s history is all about on our history page.