Looking for a quality gift for your business relations?

Managing customer relations is a true art. You want to show that you care, and you want to give something that provides value. Dutch design is the perfect gift to show your appreciation. Especially when you personalise it with company colors or a logo.

Xelboo offers handmade, Dutch art gifts for your business relations. We make unique quality pieces that represent the Dutch culture ánd your company. We guarantee our quality and sell our pieces of art with a certificate of authenticity.
Curious how we create custom art for you? This is how we provide you with a quality business gift.

Celebrations are little paintings (20:20cm) by Liesbeth Oudshoorn of LbethO Art. An excellent business gift. A custom made Celebration is a perfect way to show your appreciation. LbethO can incorporate your values, logo and/ or company colours.


he wooden clogs by Liesbeth Oudshoorn of LbethO Art are a feast to the eye. Her designs are colourful, playful and unique and will certainly make an impression. Would you like to give your business relations a custom pair? Check out this example of our custom made art clogs, or:

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