March 30, 2018

Dutch wedding traditions: A marriage made in heaven

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All nationalities cherish their wedding traditions: and also the Dutch seriously celebrate and enjoy weddings. Many of our traditions are very ancient, and some of them even go back to the times of the Roman Empire.

Did you know that in Holland officially only men are supposed to do the proposal, and not the other way around? There is one exception to this rule: on February 29th, women are allowed to go on their knees and make the wedding proposal to their lovers!

So when you are invited for a wedding on February 29th, you know the score!

History of the wedding ring

Wedding rings are presented on a special jewelry pillow. Did you know that this tradition goes back to the period of the Roman Empire? In those times people presented their gold and diamonds on a pillow, to show their richness.

The ring stands for eternal, perfect  and unconditional love for the new couple.

In ancient times, only the bride had a wedding ring. It was a proof of loyalty and property. In the present, men and women are equal, and therefore both are wearing rings.

Typical Dutch

The Dutch enjoy having a big party at weddings. We really like to make speeches and sketches for the new couple. Family, colleagues and friends work together to organize an original act, full of humor. And of course, we enjoy a meal and drink champagne.

Wedding presents

It is a tradition to give presents to the guest of the wedding. We used to give five bruidssuikers. These are typical wedding candies, sugared almonds. The number five stands for: happiness, love, loyalty, prosperity and fertility.

It is also common to give a tangible memory of the wedding day to the wedding guests.  When living abroad, in many (former) Dutch communities it is popular to give special wooden shoes as a giveaway.

This is Dutch heritage for a perfect marriage!

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