April 11, 2018

Why the Dutch are celebrating Sint Maarten at Halloween

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Did you know that the Dutch celebrate Sint Maarten at Halloween?

Sint Maarten is the celebration of the baptism of the Holy Saint Maarten. On November 11 children with lanterns are walking along the doors, where they sing songs in exchange for candy.  

The History of Sint Maarten

Did you know that the celebration St Martin dates to the early middle ages? Saint Martinus of Tours was an important Bishop in G. He died in 397. Martinus was known for his generosity and charity.

To honor him small gifts were given to children on November 11.  In the course of the time children walked with home-made lanterns and lanterns with a candle along the doors.

The Dutch evolution

In the US America people dress up in ‘ creepy ‘ costume at Halloween, and masks are made from pumpkins. Children go from door to door singing to get some candy.

This is very much alike the traditions at Sint Maarten, in which children, equipped with lanterns, also singing along the doors going to candy.

Both events are linked to all saints or ‘ All Hallows Eve ‘, what we now call ‘ Halloween ‘.

In the ninth century AD, Halloween was mixed with the Christian use at with all souls ‘ day (November 2) begging to ‘ souls cake ‘ (bread with currants).

For each loaf that was donated, kids made a prayer for the souls of the dead, to accelerate their inclusion in the heaven…

Sint Maarten in Holland

In Holland, until the until the beginning of the 20th century, Sint Maarten was especially meant for poor children. But after the sixties the event became tradition for everybody to walk along.

Nowadays many children at school make their own Sint Maarten Lantern.

And … in Netherlands Carnaval starts on November 11.

The Dutch people like to combine and the use every opportunity to have a great party!

So, now you know have it. The Dutch are crazy on Sint Maarten because children and adults can party together!

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