April 24, 2018

What are the trends in Christmas Gifts for 2018?

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The popularity of giving year-end or Christmas presents is increasing. In recent years we saw a rise in the percentage of companies that give a Christmas present to their employees. The increase runs from 53% in 2015 to almost 70% in 2017.

The economical growth of recent years is a major driver. But the lack of getting and holding on to good staff members plays an increasingly prominent role. Companies do almost everything to recruit new employees. They also spend more time and attention to employee-retention and binding of permanent employees to keep them on board.

Giving the right Christmas present plays a role in retaining and rewarding loyal employees.

What is the cost of a Christmas present nowadays?

Companies spend an average of 47 euro on Christmas gifts. The amount seems – not entirely coincidental- to be linked to the legislation of free employee allowances.

But an investment in loyal employees is far more important than to be limited by tax-free allowances. If employers are looking for a way to cut cost, we see a trend that the number of recipients to receive these Christmas-presents is decreasing.

Retired employees no longer receive a Christmas gift, or receive a lighter version of it.

What is the effect of Christmas presents to employee- loyalty?

Research shows that approximately 80% of the employees expect to get a Christmas gift from the boss.

But beware: almost 40% says that they would be very much disappointed if they do not get anything at all for Christmas.

What do you think the impact will be for the loyalty of your employees in that case? Appreciation and attention are very important to everyone. Especially when you consider that research shows that loyal employees significantly increase the profitability of companies.
Givers gain, that’s for sure!

Personalize your Christmas gifts!

The X-factor of companies plays an increasingly important role in the improving economy, for customers and employees. A well-chosen gift supports the employee-loyalty. As a company, you can achieve this by creating a Framily feeling – a mix between a friend and family.

A link between the identity of the company and the appreciation and personal attention to the employees is very important.

Nowadays, giving just a standard gift is not enough.
Employees want to be treated like a VIP. To match this, you have to consider giving a special Christmas gift, which was created especially for them.

Why sustainability is an increasingly important topic

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in these times. You might say this a politically correct statement, but it is an undeniable development that is visible in all sectors.

Isn’t it neat and sustainable to give a tangible and permanent Christmas present, that can be kept in your house or office for a couple of years?

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