March 26, 2024

Say thank you with a Christmas business gift

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A Christmas business gift is a wonderful and important way to show your love. In December, many companies give their customers and employees a present to say thank you for their loyalty. Research by Promz magazine shows that giving just a standard-Christmas package is no longer enough nowadays. It is important that your Christmas gift has a clear message. The customer or employee must have the feeling that he is really important to your company.

Attention and appreciation are keywords to ensure that customer loyalty and employee loyalty.

Did you know that using Christmas gift as the right loyalty tool increases your profitability?

Discover our six favorite tips for selecting the right Christmas business gift.

Avoid Xmas-stress

Think about whom you want to surprise by giving Christmas presents and the reason why.
And determine how you want to give these gifts.

The summer months are ideal for inspiration. Do not worry if you find your ‘perfect gift’ in November. You have found next years gift already!

Choose a theme

A theme is a perfect start for selecting your ideal Christmas gift.
Using a theme you let know your customers, employees and all other relations that you have thought very hard about what to give to them.
You show your relations that you did not buy ’ just a gift from the shelf ‘ as a last minute present.

Craftsmanship and unicity

It is very trendy to give craftsmanship presents. Pure and fair products, if possible handmade and produced in your own country or region. Avoid giving mass-production items: the more unique, the better. By giving unique presents you show that you differ from your competitors.

Sustainable Christmas gifts

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in these times. You might say this a politically correct statement, but it is an undeniable development that is visible in all sectors.

Isn’t it neat and sustainable to give a tangible and permanent Christmas present, that can be kept in house or office by your customers or employees for a couple of years?

Tell your story behind the gift

Storytelling is trending. You can use this when giving the gift. Share the journey behind your company, your brand and why you have selected this particular Christmas gift.

What better story is there than your own business story, reflected in your Christmas gift?
A gift that is unique and communicates your own story sends a tangible and good message to your customers and employees.

Every moment is the right moment to give

Summertime is becoming increasingly popular as a ‘gift moment’ to say thank you. Traditionally, Christmas is still by far the moment that families are coming together and spend quality time. Of course, this is the ideal moment to show your gratitude and you should use that opportunity.

A popular proverb says that every day is the right day to enjoy. And in Roman times everybody knew: carpe diem!
This is also true for saying thank you. You create extra attention when you tell your employee or your customer that you really appreciate and cherish them on a special day or moment, besides the traditional Christmas period. So use every day you believe that is special for you to celebrate your relation!

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