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Xelboo is an art market that offers authentic, handmade Dutch art. We are a proud ambassador of Dutch art history and happily share our heritage with you by presenting you unique pieces of art that will look great in your house or office. We guarantee our quality and sell our pieces of art with a certificate of authenticity. If you require more information on our artwork or pieces of Dutch art, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Selection of artists

Our art comes from multiple well known artists from Holland. We have contracts with art galleries, painters and other artists all over the country. We select our artists with great care, because we find the quality of our artworks most important.


Our artists are licensed and checked by art specialists from Xelboo. We only accept artwork that is handmade, has high quality standards and has a evident connection with Holland and Dutch art.

If you’d like to know more about our art and artists, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our brands

true dutch design

Our brands are carefully selected to represent the quality and Dutch nature we love.

LbethO Art
Rian Verbeek

Customer Testimonials

"Great work!
Beautiful hand-painted clogs."
Arn van der Vorst
"A unique painting in our style as our x-mas gift.
Diane Velten
Velten & De Width

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4641RS Ossendrecht
The Netherlands


+31 88-1850163

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