Apply as artist

As an independent and professional artist you can sign up to participate in our webshop. To participate, we request a one-off fee of € 50.00 for set-up and keeping track of the products in the webshop and € 1.00 service fee per item per month. You decide how many products you want to put in the webshop. However, all products must meet our requirements: Authentic handmade typical Dutch art. This can include:

• Painted products that are typically Dutch

• Paintings in the style of well-known Dutch masters

• Paintings with typical Dutch landscapes or products

• Products made according to Old Dutch tradition.

All products must be handmade and / or painted.

Since we want to sell multiple copies of 1 product, it is necessary that you can create the product several times. It remains handmade, so the final product can and may deviate from the photo, but it must look like it. The production of the product must be within a reasonable time (depending on the type of product, within 1 week to max. 1 month). Within one week you have to be able to indicate how long it takes to create the product.

Would you like to be a Xelboo featured Authentic Handmade Dutch artists? To be featured on our webshop, just fill in the form below:

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