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Get to know holland

Holland is known for it’s long and rich history. The country was the birthplace for many great artists like Vincent van Gogh and Rembrandt van Rijn. Art has been a craft that our country has been well known for worldwide throughout the centuries. However, there are a lot of equally important things our country is and has been known for.

We’ve put down some pieces of Dutch history for you. Things that most people have heard of or just know. We intend to keep enriching our history pages so check back once in a while.

The dutch,

their art,

and their design

The rich Dutch history is filled with wonderful creations and structures such as windmills and Delft Blue pottery from the Golden Age. The beautiful canals from Amsterdam are an art-form by itself. Artists throughout the history of Holland got inspired by beautiful skies and wonderful landscapes like for example Vincent van Gogh. Discover more about the Dutch heritage > 

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dutch history and culture

The windmill is a typical Dutch view in the landscape, surrounded by meadows and little waterways.

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How about our little country itself? Did you know we have over 17 million inhabitants on 11252 square miles, and that we have more bikes than people in our country?

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Amsterdam is the famous capital of the Netherlands.

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Who hasn’t seen the work of Vincent van Gogh? The famous painter was born in the Netherlands.

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Volendam is a village where history seems to come alive. Beautiful tiny houses, the Dutch ‘paling’ fish and lot’s of water and fisherman boats.

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We had a real pirate. Have you heard of him? His name was Piet Hein.

Who was Piet Hein?

Are you familiar with wooden shoes? Or clogs as they are also called? They used to be the footwear of farmers in The Netherlands.

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Delft Blue or in Dutch, Delfts Blauw is a specific sort of fine pottery with blue decoration. It was intended to be a more affordable version of white and blue Chinese porcelain.

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