Business gifts

Authentic Dutch art

Looking for a gift for your customer relations?

Are you looking for a personal business gift? Or a gift that represents a strong connection to Holland or Amsterdam? Xelboo offers a wide selection of typical Dutch handmade art gifts that are of great quality. For example, you can order custom made wooden shoes with  a special design on them, or custom paintings made by the artist Liesbeth Oudshoorn. When ordered in time, we can make large quantities.

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Corporate clogs

Corporate clogs can be great gifts for your business relations. They are also perfect presents for your loyal employees! We can make your pair of corporate shoes personal by incorporating a company logo and an artist’s impression of the corporate identity. We understand the importance of business gifts and make them with great care.

After the design and features are agreed upon by both parties, the clogs will be made, painted and sent to you as soon as possible. Usually it takes about a week to finish up to ten pairs of corporate clogs. 
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the best Dutch gift
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Corporate clog Blue Lotus
Meet our Celebrations
making art of business gifts
Meet our Celebrations, small unique paintings that can be customised to your needs. How would you like a special depiction of the companies’ logo? Or an impressionist painting with the company colors? The paintings from the Celebration series form a festive and personal business gift.

There's much more...

Not every gift needs to be customised to make a perfect business gift. The art Xelboo offers inhibits the true Dutch history and culture. Every item is perfect!

Are you a wedding planner?

Finding a unique gift for the guests definitely can be hard work. Don't worry, we have the perfect gifts for you.
Every wedding needs a wedding gift for their guests. As a wedding planner, finding those perfect wedding gifts is your challenge. In case of an overseas wedding, offering the guests a piece of true Dutch design is a fun way to honor the culture of the bride or groom. And a lasting memory to a beautiful wedding.


Hotels form a hubspot of cultures and the perfect place for Dutch gifts, as souvenirs or as part of a loyalty program. Hotel gifts that are authentic and handmade show your guests precisely how much you've appreciated their stay. Remind them of their Dutch stay - and welcome them back soon.

Travel agencies

Does your travel agency like to go the extra mile? Would you like to provide your customers with gifts that remind them of that great trip - the one you've arranged for them? Authentic Dutch art gifts are the perfect way to cherish your travellers and remind them of you, even when they are back at home.

For colleagues & clients

Say thank you

Do you have offices abroad? Colleagues overseas, with whom you'd like to share the Dutch heritage of your company? As well as your loyal customers - a typical Dutch art gift is not just a token of your appreciation: it is a one-of-a-kind, handmade 'thank you' message. Appreciate your customers or colleagues with authentic Dutch art.


As a Dutch embassy, you aim to grow the relations between The Netherlands and exporting companies. Doing business is based upon good relations - for all cultures. As an embassy, you can help businesses to grow. By providing your relations with typical, exclusive, Dutch handmade art gifts, you share a lasting experience and actual Dutch heritage. Remind those companies of doing business with the Dutch!

A gift consists not in what is done or given, but in the intention of the giver or doer.

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