Art inspires. What inspired the artist?

I often wonder what inspiration looks like. I think it is nothing more than creativity. Another way of looking at things. Creating something new from several old things. What do you think? Where does inspiration comes from?


Inspiration in the woods by Lbetho Art

People ask me often where I get my inspiration from. To be honest, it comes from everywhere. Sometimes the wind blows the inspiration to me. Blades of grass that blows in the wind have inspired me to the painting “Sweet memories”:

and to this painting  “I’m in love with an alien“:

Everyday I walk in the woods with our dog Nathan. In the woods I see a lot of interesting forms For example two trees that hang towards each other are for me two giraffe-like animals who are madly in love with each other. They don’t have any idea what’s going on in their surroundings.

When I see a tree with a big bench towards the tree, I see a big animal that jumps up to the tree. Both examples are in this painting “I thought I was in Paradise”:

Another example is a big tree with branches on all sides, that has fallen over. The branches reminds me of all kind of arms reaching out above and beyond, maybe for help or something like that. This painting is called “Do you wanna marry me?”:

There are lots of other ways to get inspiration.


Inspiration through commissioned work

Regularly I make commissioned work. With a commission I get a special theme, colors or a picture which I have to translate in a painting. Sometimes it is a special occasion, like for example a wedding, or a birthday.

I also dream about this at night, but in a different way. It is more structured than most dreams I randomly get. I instruct myself to think about the painting I have to make, to think about a way to express the special theme, or occasion. I have to think about this for a few days and nights. Then suddenly I have a beginning and that is the start of the painting. I finish the painting in my head during the next few days and then I can put it on canvas.

For the exhibition in Brasil during the Worldcup in 2014 I was invited to represent Holland. From every participating country one artist was invited to participate in the exhibition.

The theme was to tell something about your country. I translated that in 3 Old dutch songs.

“Hup Holland Hup” became “The Dutch lion on wooden shoes”:

“Daar bij die molen” became “There at the mill I found true love”:

“Tulpen uit Amsterdam” became “Tulips and more from Amsterdam”:


Inspiration from my dreams by Lbetho Art

I dream a lot at night. I have always pictures in my head.

When I wake up in the middle of the night my dream is still in my head. The pictures keep me awake and I finish the painting in my head. I have a lot of paintings in my head this way and sometimes it is so much, I have to clear my head and put some paintings on canvas.

This painting “Are you sorry we drifted apart?” was in my head for several days and nights, so I had to paint it.

It is obviously something completely different from my other works, so I made a new series out of it. The series is called “No strings attached”.

These are some other paintings in this series:

“And so they danced all night”

“It was always you from the start”

Inspiration by looking in a magazine or staring out of the window by Lbetho Art

Another important way of finding inspiration is looking or reading in a magazine or book or staring out of the window. Everything I read I translate in a picture in my head. Everything I see I translate in a painting in my head.

A picture of a polecat became this painting called “Nice to meet you”. I was wandering what he would look like without his mask. So I took away his mask.

A picture of a big spider became this painting “Don’t blame me I’m drunk”. 

I thought it would be fun to give him a lot of alcohol so he would be drunk and then find out what he would look like. The spider got entangled in several masks to pretend he was al right, but obviously he is very drunk.

The Colorfield Performance

The Colorfield Performance 2018 LbethO

The Colorfield Performance is a unique project. Just outside the walls of the Frisian town Sloten, a bright field catches your eye. The colorful objects aren’t tulips, but paintings.

Dirk Hakse invited 400 artists to make a Gesamtkunstwerk, one large piece of art, created by many. He placed 499 canvasses, shaped in a triangle, with sides of 144 meter. The number 144 stems from the Fibonacci-sequence, derived from the famous Golden Snit that many well-known artists have used in history.



The artists worked to create the paintings for the Colorfield Performance from may until September. In the end, all the separate pieces form one, giant and colorful piece of art. Xelboo’s Artist Liesbeth Oudshoorn from LbethO art was one of the painters. There was only one rule: the artists were not allowed to use black. The signature streak of LbethO was an excellent fit for this project, and she contributed two beautiful paintings.


The Colorfield Performance 2018 LbethOThe Colorfield Project 2018 LbethO 2


In 2018 the city of Leeuwarden is the cultural Capital of Europa. The theme for this year is ‘Mienskip,’ which roughly means a community that sticks together. The Colorfield project is a great match with this theme, having so many artists work together in a like-minded spirit. You can enjoy the field of color from the historical city-walls of the Frisian city, and from up close. Click here for more information about the project.


Geplaatst door Peter de Wal op Donderdag 9 augustus 2018

Dutch museums are opening their doors in April

Dutch museum week 2018

The Dutch love their museums. Did you know that we have more than 1.100 museum in Holland? And that every year over 39 million visitors pass the doors of Dutch museums?

Our Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is world famous, and is a true Dutch icon. In the Rijksmuseum you can watch Rembrandts Night watch (“The Nachtwacht”). And see many other top notch Dutch masters: this Dutch museum you really do not want to miss!

Dutch museum: Rijksmuseum
The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

We have museums in all sizes all over the country. They exhibit various topics, themes and items. Big, small, ancient, contemporary: you name it, and we have it!

History of museums in Holland

Did you know that first museum was founded in Haarlem? In 1778, the Teylers Museum opened their doors.
Since then, almost all cities in Holland have museums. So wherever you are in Holland, you can find an interesting Dutch museum. We have both public museums and privately owned: all exhibit beautiful and rare items. Sometimes the admission is free, because Dutch like gratis. But even when you have to pay, you for sure get true value for money!

Dutch heritage comes alive in museum

By tradition, the Dutch are true collectors. We also nourish our heritage. Thinking of wooden shoes? Go to Eelde or Zaandam for the wooden shoes museum (klompenmuseum). The myth is true: the Dutch are walking on wooden shoes for ages!

Do you want to see the history of cheese-making? In Alkmaar you will find all the answers to your questions.

Are you interested in the making of our famous Blue Delft pottery? Go to Delft, and watch Rembrandts Night Watch as a true masterpiece in Delft Blue in 1 to 1 dimensions of the original painting.

Do you want to see why the Dutch are called the masters of watermanagement? In Ouwerkerk, Zeeland you can experience how the Dutch build their famous network of dikes and dams of the Deltawerken.

And of course: we have a Tulip museum in Amsterdam. Exactly what you expected, right?
At this Dutch museum you can discover all the secrets behind the cultivation of this Dutch icon.

Xelboo clogs in Madurodam

Combine travel, fun and Dutch museum

So, you get the picture, right? Everywhere, anywhere you are in Holland, you can visit dutch museums of your liking.

Do you have limited time for your visit and do you want to do Holland in one day? Madurodam in the Hague shows you Holland in miniatures. All famous buildings, as the Ridderzaal, are there.

And… Do as the Dutch: try to get a discount when you want to visit two museums or more on the same day.