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A Christmas business gift is a wonderful and important way to show your love. In December, many companies give their customers and employees a present to say thank you for their loyalty. Research by Promz magazine shows that giving just a standard-Christmas package is no longer enough nowadays. It is important that your Christmas gift has a clear message. The customer or employee must have the feeling that he is really important to your company.

Attention and appreciation are keywords to ensure that customer loyalty and employee loyalty.

Did you know that using Christmas gift as the right loyalty tool increases your profitability?

Discover our six favorite tips for selecting the right Christmas business gift.


Avoid Xmas-stress

Think about whom you want to surprise by giving Christmas presents and the reason why.
And determine how you want to give these gifts.

The summer months are ideal for inspiration. Do not worry if you find your ‘perfect gift’ in November. You have found next years gift already!


Choose a theme

A theme is a perfect start for selecting your ideal Christmas gift.
Using a theme you let know your customers, employees and all other relations that you have thought very hard about what to give to them.
You show your relations that you did not buy ’ just a gift from the shelf ‘ as a last minute present.


Craftsmanship and unicity

It is very trendy to give craftsmanship presents. Pure and fair products, if possible handmade and produced in your own country or region. Avoid giving mass-production items: the more unique, the better. By giving unique presents you show that you differ from your competitors.

Sustainable Christmas gifts

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in these times. You might say this a politically correct statement, but it is an undeniable development that is visible in all sectors.

Isn’t it neat and sustainable to give a tangible and permanent Christmas present, that can be kept in house or office by your customers or employees for a couple of years?


Tell your story behind the gift

Storytelling is trending. You can use this when giving the gift. Share the journey behind your company, your brand and why you have selected this particular Christmas gift.

What better story is there than your own business story, reflected in your Christmas gift?
A gift that is unique and communicates your own story sends a tangible and good message to your customers and employees.

b2b christmas gift employees en customers 2018

Every moment is the right moment to give

Summertime is becoming increasingly popular as a ‘gift moment’ to say thank you. Traditionally, Christmas is still by far the moment that families are coming together and spend quality time. Of course, this is the ideal moment to show your gratitude and you should use that opportunity.

A popular proverb says that every day is the right day to enjoy. And in Roman times everybody knew: carpe diem!
This is also true for saying thank you. You create extra attention when you tell your employee or your customer that you really appreciate and cherish them on a special day or moment, besides the traditional Christmas period. So use every day you believe that is special for you to celebrate your relation!

Be on trend with your Christmas business gift! Read the most important trends for Christmas gifts in 2018.

Want to explore some sustainable Christmas gifts? Take a look at our collection. Our Celebration paintings and wooden art clogs, for example, are completely customizable to your company’s wants and needs. Isn’t that neat!

What are the trends in Christmas Gifts for 2018?

business Christmas gift 2018 idea

The popularity of giving year-end or Christmas presents is increasing. In recent years we saw a rise in the percentage of companies that give a Christmas present to their employees. The increase runs from 53% in 2015 to almost 70% in 2017.

The economical growth of recent years is a major driver. But the lack of getting and holding on to good staff members plays an increasingly prominent role. Companies do almost everything to recruit new employees. They also spend more time and attention to employee-retention and binding of permanent employees to keep them on board.

Giving the right Christmas present plays a role in retaining and rewarding loyal employees.


What is the cost of a Christmas present nowadays?

Companies spend an average of 47 euro on Christmas gifts. The amount seems – not entirely coincidental- to be linked to the legislation of free employee allowances.

But an investment in loyal employees is far more important than to be limited by tax-free allowances. If employers are looking for a way to cut cost, we see a trend that the number of recipients to receive these Christmas-presents is decreasing.

Retired employees no longer receive a Christmas gift, or receive a lighter version of it.


What is the effect of Christmas presents to employee- loyalty?

Research shows that approximately 80% of the employees expect to get a Christmas gift from the boss.

But beware: almost 40% says that they would be very much disappointed if they do not get anything at all for Christmas.

What do you think the impact will be for the loyalty of your employees in that case? Appreciation and attention are very important to everyone. Especially when you consider that research shows that loyal employees significantly increase the profitability of companies.
Givers gain, that’s for sure!


Personalize your Christmas gifts!

The X-factor of companies plays an increasingly important role in the improving economy, for customers and employees. A well-chosen gift supports the employee-loyalty. As a company, you can achieve this by creating a Framily feeling – a mix between a friend and family.

A link between the identity of the company and the appreciation and personal attention to the employees is very important.

Nowadays, giving just a standard gift is not enough.
Employees want to be treated like a VIP. To match this, you have to consider giving a special Christmas gift, which was created especially for them.

Why sustainability is an increasingly important topic

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in these times. You might say this a politically correct statement, but it is an undeniable development that is visible in all sectors.

Isn’t it neat and sustainable to give a tangible and permanent Christmas present, that can be kept in your house or office for a couple of years?
kerstcadeau medewerkers idee

What is the price of a business gift?

Xelboo’s reply to this question is: how valuable are your business relations for you?

We strongly believe that business gifts give short term and long term added value to your business. Because that is what matters: customer loyalty ensures continuity!

It is common knowledge that keeping existing customers is less expensive than acquiring new customers. But you have to invest in your loyal custumers to keep them on board.

Business relations and personal relations are linked. In fact: every business is people business.People make company products or provide services. And people of other companies buy and use these products and services.

By using our Xelboo products gifts you present your business relations a gift in a personal, original and positive way.



The true art of Customer Relation Management

Maintaining your customer contacts is a vital part of doing business. Regardless, if you are a producer of goods or a supplies, your customers deserve your full and dedicated attention and care.

Having a well chosen and appropriate business gift is part of your professional custumer management toolkit.Your business gift enables a positive mindset of your business at your customer. And, even more important: every moment your customer sees your business gift, you remind him or her of you as a valuable and important business partner.

The right business gift increases and underlines your good business relations.


You are unique and so is your business gift.

Of course, your products or services are special. You outstand your competitors and you distinguish from them, by using your unique qualities. A special and unique business gift is part of your business activities. We do not make A business gift, but we create YOUR own and unique personal business gifts. We work for you and moreover: we work with you to accomplish this.

Starting with a draft design we create step by step a tailor made and personal business gift. We are satisfied when you are happy with the end result.


Your business gift supports your corporate image and increases your competative position.

The right business gift bridges your product, services or brand with the desired corporate image. It also gives you the opportunity to have a significant competitive advantage. You make the extra step by having your tailor made business gift, showing that you care and that you pay special and personal attention to your loyal customers.

And: your customer sees your gift as the reward and the confirmation that he or she is really import to you and your company.


Business gifts and (tax) compliance

Some companies have internal discussions by receiving business gifts. The Xelboo business gifts usually comply with most tax and business compliance guidelines. These guidelines are made to prevent uncomfortable and bribe related situations. Small gifts maintain the friendship and companionship. Therefore, our unit prices are very competitive compared to ‘ standard’ business gifts.

The positive impact of our unique gifts is much bigger than giving a ‘ one size fits all’ standard business gift.


This is what we call: real added value!

The roadmap to your personal business gift

Do you need a personal business gift? Xelboo only believes in taylor made service. That is why we do not send standard brochures. Xelboo is a team of dedicated creative professionals. We are passionate to create unique and personal business gifts. We create, develop and produce taylor made business gifts that will make an impression.

Xelboo is not a big agency. We work on a personal basis and use our five star step by step program: from start to the delivery of your personal business gift. This makes us an agile, personal and efficient service company.

our 5 step program

to a personal business gift

Xelboo Dutch personal business gifts briefing and intake

We prefer to meet you personally at the first contact. A good and personal conversation is the best start for a perfect business gift. We like to find out what is the perfect fit for your organisation or your brand. What are your target groups, your business relations, the event or occasion, the planning, the global budget?

During this phase we use our creative skills. Because that is what we are good at and where we stand for. We start working for you and we come back to you with a set of first concept

Xelboo Dutch business gifts personalised gifts ideas
Xelboo authentic Dutch business gifts personalised 5 step approach step 5

Xelboo informs you by mail, or we visit you to present the concepts and to discuss options. We work closely and step by step with you towards the final concept.
In this phase, you make your final decisions about the volumes, the wrapping, etc.
Only when you feel comfortable and happy about the final picture, we go to the next phase of production.

When the concept is final, we start producing your business gifts with our team of professionals. Our artists, developers and suppliers work for you to make the business gifts, just as you want them.

Xelboo authentic Dutch business gift step 4 looking for a personal business gift
Dutch business gifts by Xelboo step 5 delivery business gifts personalised

We deliver only the best quality.

Our adagium is: deal = deal!

You receive your products as agreed. Now you have your private and personal business gift. This is the perfect match that fits you and your organisation, that is affordable for you and that is appreciated by your loyal customers. It is a win win win situation.

Making creative, original and affordable business gifts that increases your image: that is what Xelboo stands for. Are you interested and do you want to learn more about your taylor made business gifts? Are you looking for your private and unique business gift?

Please contact us and find out if our unique services also fits you and your organisation.

We are happy to be at your service!

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personalised business gifts

A truly personal business gift, handmade and authentic Dutch? These companies proceeded you and got their relations a thoughtful gift.

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De weg naar een persoonlijk relatiegeschenk

Bent u op zoek naar een bijzonder relatiegeschenk? Xelboo gelooft alleen maar in service op maat. Daarom zijn wij niet het type bedrijf waarvan u een standaard brochure ontvangt.

Xelboo bestaat uit een team van enthousiaste creatievelingen met een passie voor unieke relatiegeschenken

We bedenken, ontwikkelen en leveren op maat gemaakte relatiegeschenken.

Xelboo is geen groot, gelaagd bureau, maar werkt juist met direct contact-van idee tot afgeleverde relatiegeschenken. Dit leidt tot een goed gestroomlijnde, zeer persoonlijke en efficiënte manier van werken.

De werkwijze van Xelboo: van wens tot persoonlijk en onderscheidend relatiegeschenk.

our 5 step program

to a personal business gift

Het eerste contact doen wij graag persoonlijk. Een geslaagd geschenk begint bij een goed gesprek. Wat past bij uw organisatie of het merk waarvoor we aan de slag gaan? Wat is d doelgroep, de gelegenheid, de planning, het globale budget?

Tijdens deze fase kunnen we onze creativiteit kwijt. Want dat is waar we bekend om staan. We gaan aan de slag en komen terug met een aantal originele voorstellen.

Xelboo mailt of komt bij u langs om de voorstellen te presenteren en te bespreken. Samen met u werken we naar het definitieve concept toe. In deze fase beslist u over de het aantal geschenken, de verpakking etc. Pas als precies het juiste idee erbij zit, gaan we over naar de volgende fase.

Als het voorstel akkoord is, leveren we de opdracht op met een professioneel team van kunstenaars, ontwerpers en leveranciers.

We leveren de hoogste kwaliteit. We hanteren voor onszelf als naar buiten: afspraak is afspraak.

U ontvangt uw producten. Hierbij heeft u uw eigen en unieke relatiegeschenk, dat bij uw bedrijf past, voor u betaalbaar is en waarmee u een hoge waardering krijgt bij uw relaties. U slaat dus eigenlijk 3 vliegen in 1 klap.

Creatieve, originele relatiegeschenken met impact voor ieders budget-dat is waar Xelboo goed in is.

Meer weten over relatiegeschenken op maat?

Bent u op zoek naar een uniek en persoonlijk relatiegeschenk?

Neem dan snel contact met ons op en ontdek of onze uniek werkwijze past bij uw organisatie.

Wij helpen u graag verder!


Take a look at our

personalised business gifts

A truly personal business gift, handmade and authentic Dutch? These companies proceeded you and got their relations a thoughtful gift.

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Do’s and don’ts for your business gifts

Do's and don'ts for your business gifts, customer relation gifts different cultures

What are the do’s and don’ts for your business gifts? Giving and receiving gifts properly is an important part of international business. There are some guidelines to follow when picking a customer relation gift.

Preparing for a business meeting requires a working knowledge of the information to be discussed or presented, careful attention to all details on the printed material to be distributed, and perhaps a gift. This gift is a social gesture that may be expected in some countries, and could be considered a bribe in others. Knowing the gift guidelines for the country you’ll be visiting will help make your meeting a success.

Do’s and don’ts for your business gifts

Some multi-national companies and some governments have very strict policies regarding their employees accepting gifts. To avoid creating a problem, it’s imperative you learn the policies for the companies you do business with. In many countries, exchanging gifts is strongly rooted in tradition. Part of the tradition is the gracious style used to present and receive them. It’s important to plan time and focus on the process.
A standard to keep in mind for any gift you select is quality. Choose quality items that are not ostentatious. If you have gifts with your company logo, it’s better if the logo is discrete.

A good guideline if there’s a concern is to offer a gift, saying you’re giving it on behalf of your company. It’s important to always honour the most senior person, so he will be the individual you actually present with the gift, stating you want him to accept it on behalf of his company. This gesture, company to company, will usually circumvent any problem regarding undue influence.

Business gifts and local culture

Cultures with detailed rituals for the ceremony of gift giving are the Japanese and the Chinese. And Nomadic cultures in the Middle East have a tradition of hospitality to travelers, while Latin cultures consider all relationships as personal. So any country with a population from these cultural backgrounds will exchange gifts as a normal part of building relationships and doing business. Gifts are a symbolic way to show appreciation and to intensify relationships between companies.

Business Gifts
Celebrations are little paintings that are excellent Business Gifts

In today’s world, with global companies, as well as countries populated and influenced by different religions and cultures, it’s important to develop good business relationships by taking the time to learn more about the person you’re doing business with. This knowledge will give you insight into choosing more meaningful gifts, that the recipient will know was specifically selected for him or her, and be more appreciated.

Business gifts in China and Japan

In Chinese culture symbolism is important, with colors and numbers having special meaning. Red is a lucky color; pink and yellow represent happiness; and the number 8 is the luckiest number. The colors black, white and blue and the #4, or four of anything, are negatively associated with death or funerals.

In Japan gift giving is an art form, representing friendship, respect, and gratitude. The ceremony is important; the gift is always in a gift box, or beautifully wrapped in quality paper, and given with great respect. Because the symbolism is key, the gift is a gesture that you’re looking forward to a long lasting relationship. A gift with a pair of items is considered lucky, but sets of four or nine are unlucky.

Locally Produced Business gifts

If you are doing business in a country known for producing a particular product, local pride and quality dictate that you wouldn’t offer that item as a gift, especially if it were manufactured elsewhere. In fact, presenting a gift that relates to your home country gives an extra and positive dimension. These business gifts leave a tangible appreciation of the relationship.

Need some inspiration? Visit our shop for typical Dutch business gifts!