Want to enjoy Dutch tulips all year?

When Dutch spring is in the air: our tulips are there!

When Holland is on your mind, you think of windmills, cheese and of course: tulip bulbs. Dutch tulips are one of the most famous Dutch icons. And in Holland spring season is tulip season! When winter leaves, spring is coming. It is like magic that nature comes alive again every year. The west part of Holland changes into a giant sea of flowers from March until May. It starts with small, white snowdrops and purple crocuses, that are popping up. Soon, Yellow daffodils are following and then comes the masterpiece: tulips are blossoming in many wonderful colors.

Dutch tulips

History of Dutch tulips

Did you know that our tulips are in fact Turkish? In the sixteenth century, the Dutch trading pioneers imported the tulip bulbs to Holland. During our Dutch Golden Age, the tulips became very popular. They were even more valuable than gold, and trading in bulbs created the fist economic bubble. This ‘Tulip Mania’ was the bitcoin of that period. Today, the Dutch are still trading in Dutch tulip bulbs, but now mostly to sell these to tourists from their shops!

Keukenhof show

Not only the dutch are crazy about tulips. Many, many tourists are visiting Holland to see the tulips fields during springtime. Every day we have flower cruises transporting visitors from all over the world to the Keukenhof gardens. This is the biggest flower exhibition in the world! Sometimes local people get crazy when tourists are taking pictures of the blossoming tulip fields in their backyards. But tulip season is big business in Holland. Many companies sell bulbs to the tourists or have other activities in the tourist industries.

Dutch tulip art
Dutch tulips: art on wood by Rian Verbeek. See all at our shop.


Dutch tulips in art

Tulips inspired famous Dutch masters, as Rembrandt and van Gogh in their paintings. Also today many artists create beautiful art objects with tulips.

The Dutch are very proud of this true icon. Whenever you see tulips, you see Dutch design!