The Colorfield Performance

The Colorfield Performance 2018 LbethO

The Colorfield Performance is a unique project. Just outside the walls of the Frisian town Sloten, a bright field catches your eye. The colorful objects aren’t tulips, but paintings.

Dirk Hakse invited 400 artists to make a Gesamtkunstwerk, one large piece of art, created by many. He placed 499 canvasses, shaped in a triangle, with sides of 144 meter. The number 144 stems from the Fibonacci-sequence, derived from the famous Golden Snit that many well-known artists have used in history.



The artists worked to create the paintings for the Colorfield Performance from may until September. In the end, all the separate pieces form one, giant and colorful piece of art. Xelboo’s Artist Liesbeth Oudshoorn from LbethO art was one of the painters. There was only one rule: the artists were not allowed to use black. The signature streak of LbethO was an excellent fit for this project, and she contributed two beautiful paintings.


The Colorfield Performance 2018 LbethOThe Colorfield Project 2018 LbethO 2


In 2018 the city of Leeuwarden is the cultural Capital of Europa. The theme for this year is ‘Mienskip,’ which roughly means a community that sticks together. The Colorfield project is a great match with this theme, having so many artists work together in a like-minded spirit. You can enjoy the field of color from the historical city-walls of the Frisian city, and from up close. Click here for more information about the project.


Geplaatst door Peter de Wal op Donderdag 9 augustus 2018

National heritage day upcoming in Holland?

The Dutch love their heritage. But, unlike our Belgian neighbors, we do not have an official heritage day. In Belgium, this day is held in April. The public can visit many interesting exhibitions and buildings. Although we do not have a Dutch national heritage day yet, we consider each day as heritage day!

Dutch heritage is world famous

Did you know we have over 61 thousand national listed monuments?  We also have 10 World heritage sites, as the Amsterdam canal ring area, The van Nelle factory, the Wadden Sea and the mill network at Kinderdijk. We have museums in all sizes all over the country that are exhibiting our heritage jewels. They exhibit various topics, themes and items. Big, small, ancient, contemporary: you name it, and we have it!

In addition, we have very interesting churches, factories, shipyards and many ancient buildings that are true heritage icons.

Combine travel, fun and heritage

So, you get the picture, right? Everywhere, anywhere you are in Holland, you can experience our heritage.


Do you have limited time for your visit and do you want to do Holland in one day? Madurodam in the Hague shows you Holland in miniatures. All famous buildings, such as the Ridderzaal, are there.

And… Do as the Dutch: look for free admittance (Dutch like ‘gratis’) or try to get discount when you want to visit heritage sites…

Kingsday in Holland

kingsday gifts

Did you know that the Dutch go crazy on Kingsday? And that the entire country changes into an orange sea?
All cities organise special events. The Hague is famous for its ‘koninginnenach’, which is a local slang word for ‘Queens-night’. During that night, many artists and music band perform on many different locations and stages all over the city. And of course, many Dutchmen and tourists travel to Amsterdam. Almost a million people create a great atmosphere and dance and sing all day.

That is why the Duch love celebrating Kingsday.

History of Kingsday

Did you know that our first kingsday was held in 1885? On August 31, 1885 Princess day (prinsessedag) was organised to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Princess Wilhelmina. Since that date, the Dutch celebrate kingsday as a public holiday. The day is linked to the birthday of our King or Queen. From 2014 onward, it is held on April 27th. Every year, the Royal Family visits a city and makes a tour. Of course, many people enjoy to see the royal family ‘live’. Who does not want to make a ‘selfie’ with our King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and their family?

Orange is the color of our royals

orange is a royal color
On Kingsday, everyone dresses in orange.

In all cities, the Dutch are proudly showing our flag on Kingsday. Many houses and all public buildings raise our red, white and blue flag, and on top our orange banner! Did you know that our national orange is in fact French (and German)? During our independence war in the golden age, Holland was led by William of Orange. William was German by birth, William inherited the French principality “Oranje” from his nephew Rene of Charlon. Since then, Orange is used as our national color. All the descendants, our royal family, are still holding the title ”prince or princess of Orange”.

International Earth Day 2018 at Xelboo headquarters

International Earth Day 2018 Plastic pollution green forest fresh leaves Holland Dutch

At Xelboo we celebrate International Earth Day 2018 from our headquarters in the forest. Taking care of our nature and the environment is one of the key topics of today’s world. On April 22 we pay extra attention to be careful with our precious planet.

History of International Earth Day

Did you know that the first Earth Day was held in the United States? Earth day is a popular day in the US since 1970. In Holland, we celebrate Earth day since 2004. The public interest is increasing every year. More people understand that preserving our precious planet is vital to have a future for mankind.

International earth day 2018 for Xelboo

The Xelboo office is located on a beautiful spot in Holland. It is a preserved nature estate, full of wildlife and rare plants and trees.

International Earth day 2018, headquarters of Xelboo Dutch art business gifts, Deers in a meadow in the Netherlands
We care about nature in many ways. We use natural and ecological materials for our products. We try to limit the use of plastics as much as possible. Our brands use materials as natural wood and canvas. We do our best to limit our environmental footprint.

Our shopping bag is made of ecological canvas. So even when you are showing off with the Xelboo logo on your bag there is no harm for nature.

International Earth Day 2018, Ecological shopping Bag, proud to be Dutch Xelboo business art gifts