National heritage day upcoming in Holland?

The Dutch love their heritage. But, unlike our Belgian neighbors, we do not have an official heritage day. In Belgium, this day is held in April. The public can visit many interesting exhibitions and buildings. Although we do not have a Dutch national heritage day yet, we consider each day as heritage day!

Dutch heritage is world famous

Did you know we have over 61 thousand national listed monuments?  We also have 10 World heritage sites, as the Amsterdam canal ring area, The van Nelle factory, the Wadden Sea and the mill network at Kinderdijk. We have museums in all sizes all over the country that are exhibiting our heritage jewels. They exhibit various topics, themes and items. Big, small, ancient, contemporary: you name it, and we have it!

In addition, we have very interesting churches, factories, shipyards and many ancient buildings that are true heritage icons.

Combine travel, fun and heritage

So, you get the picture, right? Everywhere, anywhere you are in Holland, you can experience our heritage.


Do you have limited time for your visit and do you want to do Holland in one day? Madurodam in the Hague shows you Holland in miniatures. All famous buildings, such as the Ridderzaal, are there.

And… Do as the Dutch: look for free admittance (Dutch like ‘gratis’) or try to get discount when you want to visit heritage sites…