Traditional Dutch December Cuisine

In this article we have made a selection of the traditional cuisine of Netherlands for December . Try it: you might find it delicious and add it to your diet!

1. Stew

Stew is a traditional dish that is usually eaten in winter. It is prepared from various parts, usually cooked from boiled potatoes and vegetables. You can add meat such as smoke sausage or bacon or sausage. Some favorite is a dimple gravy in the stew.

There are different types of this dish, according to the added vegetables. For example the ‘stew kale ‘ and ‘stew sauerkraut’ usually served with smoke sausage. ‘Stew’ is a stew of potatoes, roots and onions.

2. Bitter Balls

Bitter balls are a very popular snack in the Netherlands. It is usually sold in the snackbar, just like other small hot snacks like frikandellen and croquettes.

A bitter ball is a deep-fried small round meat stew. It is also popular as part of the ‘bitter garnish ‘ in the pub and nightlife and is combined usually with beer.

Bitter balls were eaten at a bitter, a strongly alcoholicherbal drink, hence the name comes ‘bitterball’.

3. Pea Soup

Pea soup is a soup made of split peas. and is usually eaten in winter. The quantities of the various ingredients may vary. Nowadays, potatoes are also added in addition to carrots, celeriac, leeks and onions. The soup also often contains pork or smoke sausage.

The pea soup is traditionally eaten in the Netherlands with rye bread, invested for example with katen bacon, cheese or butter.

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