Hand Painted Dutch Wedding Gift for Tiesto

Taking care of a handmade wedding gift is everyday work for entrepreneurs Liesbeth Oudshoorn and Marcel van Zweden of Xelboo. This time, however, they were asked to make a gift for a wedding of a Dutch DJ and his American girlfriend. This turned out to be DJ Tiësto. The gift ended up on the gift table of the million-dollar wedding that appeared in Vogue magazine.

Tijs Turns Out To Be Tiesto

This assignment was initially just a common request. “I only understood that the couple’s name was Tijs and Annika, and the wedding date was September 21,” said Oudshoorn, who designed the wooden shoes. “He is Dutch, and she is a model from Colorado. They travelled a lot. I incorporated that into my paintings. A few times concepts were forwarded to the client and he was very enthusiastic ”. She painted the wooden shoes with musical notes, the Dutch tulip and the flower that symbolizes Colorado. The rings as a symbol of the union was of course also part of the painting. “Only when I saw a news item about the wedding of Tiësto, called Tijs, did it dawn on me that this was about Tijs and Annika!” In this way the special gift became also extra special for the makers. Oudshoorn: “Contributing to such a special event as a wedding is always fantastic. But the fact that in this case our handmade wooden shoes travelled around the world to be at this “celebrity wedding” makes it even more impressive!”

Wedding Gifts Of Dutch Heritage

Xelboo, a Dutch start-up, works in a niche by providing authentic hand-painted promotional gifts or wedding gifts. The artistic panels or wooden clogs are especially popular with international business relations who want to emphasize Dutch roots with their international customers. Mixed international weddings are also ideally suited for personalized handmade gifts that emphasize the special moment. Oudshoorn, for example, has already made wedding clogs for a mixed couple of Singaporean and Dutch descent, and a few English as well as Belgian weddings.