The location as a gift

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam – NDSM Wharf

The location as a gift

How DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam – NDSM Wharf rewards their loyal customers by custom made loyalty gifts.

Personal appreciation for loyal customers

Giving an additional token of appreciation to returning clients. This was the reason for Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam – NDSM Wharf to ask Xelboo to create an unique promotional gift design. The hotel is located on a beautiful and industrial spot in Amsterdam. The NDSM island has a rich history full of industrial craftsmanship and making high-quality products. Management wanted to find these elements coming back in their loyalty gift.

Gift in style

Xelboo’s creative director Liesbeth Oudshoorn started working on this project. She made a special design for a ‘Celebration’, a small panel painting. The design of the celebration is as special and distinctive as the hotel itself. The characteristic surroundings served as inspiration.

NDSM is industrial heritage, with yards and forges from the last century. In the 21-st century street-art has become a characteristic industry in this region. Liesbeth: “We have made a mix and combination of old and new industry into one artwork. By doing so, we created an promotional gift made for loyal customers of this beautiful and luxury hotel. The result is a unique and personal gift of the management team of this special hotel, dedicated to unique and personal service.”

This hotel adds an extra dimension. They really make the difference by their true and and personal hospitality. Every client receives personal attention. Each business guest and leisure traveller is hartly welcomed and pampered during their stay. The difference is in the details: a personal tour of the hotel at the check in, providing the ability to choose another room. It’s all possible in this hotel. It feels like coming home. Management wanted to pass over that feeling and to translate this into a promotional gift; the hotel guest can back on this hotel experience at home, thanks to the special loyalty gift designed by Xelboo.

A relationgift

Customized for you

DoubleTree Hilton Hotel Amsterdam

This luxury hotel lets their guests enjoy the hotel experience at home by a Celebration, a small work of art created by Xelboo creative director Liesbeth Oudshoorn.

Personal Handover

Practise what you preach. Xelboo uses their typical and personal approach in their own customer relationship. Marcel van Zweden, partner of Xelboo, explains: “We have travelled to Amsterdam’s NDSM Island to hand over personally these promotional gifts for this valued customer. We take the extra step to meet our customers personally and hear if everything is to their liking. We were pleased to hear from front office manager Tom Rademaker that he was pleased with the customer loyalty gifts, specially designed for this hotel. We can only be happy when the customer is completely satisfied.”