Wooden shoes

by Liesbeth Oudshoorn

Liesbeth oudshoorn

Liesbeth Oudshoorn has been working under her label Lbetho Art since 2010. Liesbeth followed masterclasses and a training at the Filarski Academy and paints for private and business clients. In series, for promotional gifts, for charities, for Christmas cards and in commission. Her typical Dutch art clogs are a one of a kind celebration of culture. Liesbeths work is regularly seen in national and international exhibitions, for example in the USA, Brazil, Vietnam and Italy.


Wooden shoes

Our hand-painted wooden shoes by Lbetho are unique. Every item is handmade so all pairs are one of a kind. Even shoes within one pair can differ from each other.


We are hard at work making wooden shoes in different sizes and patterns. We work with small sizes for art, but as mentioned before, you can order every size you’d like. You can make your private collection, as we keep making new ones.

Different sizes

Every wooden shoe is available in three sizes: small, large and XL. We also offer the possibility to order a custom pair in regular sizes, in other words, you can wear the shoes if you want to. Please take into account that our clogs might wear out when doing so. Lbetho shoes are initially  intended as pieces of art and can be showcased on your favorite spot in your house or office.

Giant shoes

Also, Lbetho art offers giant wooden shoes that are about 35 inches long. These Giant wooden shoes can be used as a flower box, or whatever you think is handy or appropriate.

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