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Authentic Dutch handmade art gifts for your relations

Gepersonaliseerde Nederlandse klompen

Do you love wooden art clogs? Do you want to have the ability to order a more personal design? Personal art clogs or woorden shoes by Liesbeth Oudshoorn are handmade and hand painted, which means that you can order any design you would like! Your design, with the fingerprint of the artist. Expect wooden shoes that are hand painted and made to tailor your demands.

a personal touch


Crafted to perfection

We require you to give us some visual and textual inspiration by providing us with inspirational images in .jpg or .png format. It’s also possible to request a name or date that will be hand painted on the shoe.

After the design and features are agreed upon by both parties, the clogs will be made, painted and sent to you as soon as possible. Usually it takes about a week to finish up to ten pairs of personalized clogs.

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