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Rian Verbeek




authentic Art on wood

Rian Verbeek born in 1961 lives in the famous seaside resort Noordwijk in the Netherlands. She is married with Rene and has two daughters Yesmin and Jella.

Rian as a self-taught artist, has developed her own style of painting, easy and uncomplicated.  Her inspiration comes from the nature in her place of residency. The light and darkness from the sea, the bright colors from the birds and the tulips.  She is always looking for the great contrasts in her work to make her paintings alive.

She is always looking for more intensification and progress in her work with new materials and other objects to paint, not knowing where it will lead to.

Her paintings on different surfaces are very popular at home and abroad.

The authentic pieces of art produced by Rian Verbeek are worth collecting. Her paintings on wood have a strong connection with Dutch culture.

Art on wood by rian verbeek