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Glass art by royal leerdam Crystal




Original glass art
Royal Leerdam Crystal was founded in 1878 and became Royal in 1953. Royal Leerdam Crystal works with high quality and high grade resources, which give the Crystal its unique characteristics. Such as a special brightness, colorfastness like in gemstones and a high refractive index.

Not only the quality of the products makes Royal Leerdam Crystal worldwide renowned, but also by its esthetic design and decorative products for the day to day live.

Renowned artists has designed several pieces of crystal. In the past there were famous names like Copier, Berlage, Meydam and so on. At this moment  they work with famous artists like Siem van der Marel, Jan Jansen, Marlies Dekkers, Ans Markus and lots of other artists.

The beauty of crystal in combination with innovative designs of contemporary and modern designers and artists is Royal Leerdam Crystal at its best.

Hand made
All pieces of Royal Leerdam Crystal are hand blown and made in Leerdam. Every piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.

By collecting real glass art, you bring a piece of true Dutch history to your home or office. Check back frequently to see our latest additions.

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