Kingsday in Holland

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Did you know that the Dutch go crazy on Kingsday? And that the entire country changes into an orange sea?
All cities organise special events. The Hague is famous for its ‘koninginnenach’, which is a local slang word for ‘Queens-night’. During that night, many artists and music band perform on many different locations and stages all over the city. And of course, many Dutchmen and tourists travel to Amsterdam. Almost a million people create a great atmosphere and dance and sing all day.

That is why the Duch love celebrating Kingsday.

History of Kingsday

Did you know that our first kingsday was held in 1885? On August 31, 1885 Princess day (prinsessedag) was organised to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Princess Wilhelmina. Since that date, the Dutch celebrate kingsday as a public holiday. The day is linked to the birthday of our King or Queen. From 2014 onward, it is held on April 27th. Every year, the Royal Family visits a city and makes a tour. Of course, many people enjoy to see the royal family ‘live’. Who does not want to make a ‘selfie’ with our King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and their family?

Orange is the color of our royals

orange is a royal color
On Kingsday, everyone dresses in orange.

In all cities, the Dutch are proudly showing our flag on Kingsday. Many houses and all public buildings raise our red, white and blue flag, and on top our orange banner! Did you know that our national orange is in fact French (and German)? During our independence war in the golden age, Holland was led by William of Orange. William was German by birth, William inherited the French principality “Oranje” from his nephew Rene of Charlon. Since then, Orange is used as our national color. All the descendants, our royal family, are still holding the title ”prince or princess of Orange”.