The Colorfield Performance 2018 LbethO


The Colorfield Performance

The Colorfield Performance is a unique project. Just outside the walls of the Frisian town Sloten, a bright field catches your eye. The colorful objects aren’t tulips, but paintings.

Dirk Hakse invited 400 artists to make a Gesamtkunstwerk, one large piece of art, created by many. He placed 499 canvasses, shaped in a triangle, with sides of 144 meter. The number 144 stems from the Fibonacci-sequence, derived from the famous Golden Snit that many well-known artists have used in history.



The artists worked to create the paintings for the Colorfield Performance from may until September. In the end, all the separate pieces form one, giant and colorful piece of art. Xelboo’s Artist Liesbeth Oudshoorn from LbethO art was one of the painters. There was only one rule: the artists were not allowed to use black. The signature streak of LbethO was an excellent fit for this project, and she contributed two beautiful paintings.


The Colorfield Performance 2018 LbethOThe Colorfield Project 2018 LbethO 2


In 2018 the city of Leeuwarden is the cultural Capital of Europa. The theme for this year is ‘Mienskip,’ which roughly means a community that sticks together. The Colorfield project is a great match with this theme, having so many artists work together in a like-minded spirit. You can enjoy the field of color from the historical city-walls of the Frisian city, and from up close. Click here for more information about the project.


Geplaatst door Peter de Wal op Donderdag 9 augustus 2018

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