Authentic Dutch handmade art gifts for your relations


Volendam is an old and small fisherman’s village in Holland with only 22.000 inabitants. The village has a rich and long history and is famous because of the typical clothing and architecture.

Inspiration for art

Volendam has been an inspiring village to many great artists in Dutch art history. Volendam was discovered by the French painter Henry Harvard in 1883 and following in his footsteps were painters like Paul Signac, Georg Hering and George Clausen. The paintings were often used as a commodity and traded for a place to sleep.

Volendam used to be a closed community and became more famous when the south sea got closed up by the “Afsluitdijk” in 1932. Most of the towns labor force exited of fishermen but that changed after the “Afsluitdijk” closed up the sea. The community started focusing on tourism and water-sports. Now the village of Volendam is world famous for it’s unique and beautiful art and culture that can be considered as art.

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