What is the price of a business gift?

Xelboo’s reply to this question is: how valuable are your business relations for you?

We strongly believe that business gifts give short term and long term added value to your business. Because that is what matters: customer loyalty ensures continuity!

It is common knowledge that keeping existing customers is less expensive than acquiring new customers. But you have to invest in your loyal custumers to keep them on board.

Business relations and personal relations are linked. In fact: every business is people business.People make company products or provide services. And people of other companies buy and use these products and services.

By using our Xelboo products gifts you present your business relations a gift in a personal, original and positive way.



The true art of Customer Relation Management

Maintaining your customer contacts is a vital part of doing business. Regardless, if you are a producer of goods or a supplies, your customers deserve your full and dedicated attention and care.

Having a well chosen and appropriate business gift is part of your professional custumer management toolkit.Your business gift enables a positive mindset of your business at your customer. And, even more important: every moment your customer sees your business gift, you remind him or her of you as a valuable and important business partner.

The right business gift increases and underlines your good business relations.


You are unique and so is your business gift.

Of course, your products or services are special. You outstand your competitors and you distinguish from them, by using your unique qualities. A special and unique business gift is part of your business activities. We do not make A business gift, but we create YOUR own and unique personal business gifts. We work for you and moreover: we work with you to accomplish this.

Starting with a draft design we create step by step a tailor made and personal business gift. We are satisfied when you are happy with the end result.


Your business gift supports your corporate image and increases your competative position.

The right business gift bridges your product, services or brand with the desired corporate image. It also gives you the opportunity to have a significant competitive advantage. You make the extra step by having your tailor made business gift, showing that you care and that you pay special and personal attention to your loyal customers.

And: your customer sees your gift as the reward and the confirmation that he or she is really import to you and your company.


Business gifts and (tax) compliance

Some companies have internal discussions by receiving business gifts. The Xelboo business gifts usually comply with most tax and business compliance guidelines. These guidelines are made to prevent uncomfortable and bribe related situations. Small gifts maintain the friendship and companionship. Therefore, our unit prices are very competitive compared to ‘ standard’ business gifts.

The positive impact of our unique gifts is much bigger than giving a ‘ one size fits all’ standard business gift.


This is what we call: real added value!

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