Wooden shoes

The famous Dutch shoe

Wooden shoes:
meet the Clog

Wooden shoes, also known as clogs, are typical Dutch footwear made from wood. The word almost implies the object, and The Oxford english dictionary defines the word clog as thick piece of wood. Nobody actually exactly knows where they came from. The oldest found clogs were found in Holland near Amsterdam. In history, many cultures from around the world wore or wear clogs.

Olden days

Wooden shoes are around for as long as we can remember. Nowadays they are mainly kept for decorative purposes. In some countries they are still worn by farmers but have changed a lot from the older models. Wooden shoes can be used as ornaments on a wall or table, planters, key chains and so on.

Wooden shoes

an inspiration
in art

clog mill

Liesbeth Oudshoorn

Is famous for her art work in wooden shoes. Her modern take on an old fashion item is a fun and memorable way to celebrate culture. Another example where clogs served as an inspiration for art, is this Delft blue example from Royal Delft.